After various experiments, the structure of Quest for Bricks is settling in as follows. There are the usual decade/era and quest/project categories as well as now a new General LEGO category for unrelated, non-specific posts. Here are the categories:

  • All Posts shows posts from all categories mixed together, in chronological order. Once you reach the end of a page, click “Older posts” at bottom right to see more posts. Click the large Quest for Bricks banner on top to return to the latest in All Posts.
  • General LEGO is a new category for non-era/non-quest specific LEGO topics, adult fan of LEGO phenomenons and real-life LEGO encounters.
  • 1950-1960s LEGO is the first era-specific category. It got started when I rediscovered some of my father’s old LEGO. This covers the vintage years (1960s and earlier).
  • 1970-1990s LEGO covers the so called classic LEGO, mostly focusing on the 1970s and 1980s, but also including 1990s if need be.
  • 2000-2010s LEGO is a category for reviews and commentary concerning new, modern LEGO products and sets, such as the Lord of the Rings theme.
  • Quest for Bricks is now a category for news and activities concerning this blog, such as this post. This keeps “housekeeping posts” from cluttering actual LEGO content.
  • Quest for Inter-City train is my new project to build the 1980 LEGO Inter-City Train, again using both new brick purchases and spare parts from childhood sets.
  • Quest for Lion Knights’ castle is my current project to build the 1984 LEGO King’s Castle, using parts from other childhood sets and new brickquisitions.

You can select the category from the top left corner of the index page or from the bottom bar of all pages. Also, when viewing a blog post, the current category is now mentioned and linked to at the top right of the page.