Minifigure Presentation Boxes are one of the many official LEGO accessories sold. Like the 853195 Brick Calendar, Minifigure Presentation Boxes are a brick-built accessory set. They are actual LEGO, although with a more real-world purpose. The boxes are meant for displaying LEGO minifigures.

Accessories galore

Interestingly for a LEGO set (I don’t recall seeing such a set ever before), Minifigure Presentation Boxes come partially pre-built. One of the four boxes and the sole minifigure in the set are already assembled and displayed on the front of the box. They are still regular LEGO – you can disassemble them. In fact, you must partially disassemble the pre-built part to remove all the packaging material around it. Rest of the set is basically three more of these “boxes”, in parts.

Unfortunately the sole blue, Classic Space inspired minifigure is really only inspired, not even nearly authentic. Not only is the helmet wrong (it uses the “modern” LEGO helmet), even the face of the minifigure isn’t really the classic smiley face, but has white pupils as well as brown eyebrows partially hidden by the helmet. In this case the minifigure is even worse than the In space since 1978 keyring, which at least has the correct head. Maybe some Classic Space aficionado could use the torso and the air-tank, but other than that the included minifigure seems pointless.

850423 Minifigure Presentation Boxes

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Inside the set isn’t a lot better. It is a very repetitive set, one I decided to do assembly line style, doing three pieces in sync at the same time. The large number of LEGO glass included is a bonus, though. Maybe someone could use this as a window parts pack, a total of 12 “glassed” window panes are included. Though including front glass for storage/dust-fighting purposes would have been nice, now the boxes are sided with glass from only three sides.

So, not very useful as a LEGO set, but obviously it isn’t meant to be. How about as minifigure presentation boxes? The design is infinitely stackable, but unfortunately – and unlike the package picturing suggests – no way to connect horizontally is included (top and bottom are studded for plates, but you need to provide them yourself). And while the display is nice and all, I think it may be a tad bit busy and gimmicky, all those glass frames and protruding edges don’t really put the minifigures in the focus – maybe there’s a little bit too much structure there.

At the end of the day, there are better minifigure display solutions (even official ones from TLG) than building one from LEGO, let alone from this particular set. I just can’t see the practicality of displaying these boxes, let alone a great number of them. It is a fine parts pack for some windows and white plates, but other than that, I don’t expect any broader value from it. It is a gift/memento set with a nice idea, but very limited usefulness.

If you want some LEGO on your desk or shelf, I think the Brick Calendar makes for a better conversation piece.