So, I did a little shopping this past week on the online LEGO Shop. Apparently all orders exceeding 30 EUR/50 USD, or the rough equivalent in other supported currencies, get a little something extra. In the case of e.g. United States and Germany, it is an 80th anniversary 40048 LEGO Birthday Cake, elsewhere (like us in the Nordic) it is a “limited-edition” 5000022 The Hulk from the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes theme.

To see what freebie is available in your region, try these: At LEGO Shop, select your region from the top right and then hover over “My Bag”. You can also go directly to the shopping cart, select your region and see in the middle of the page what is available. Or you could drag something exceeding 30 EUR/50 USD to your shopping cart and review its extra content. There may also be banners around the shop showing the extras of the moment, so look for those. From what I hear, LEGO Shop repeats this from time to time.

Nice small gesture and the minifigure is quite cool – although I would have expected more bulk from Hulk, perhaps in the form of a special torso or an accessory piece adding some substance to the top. A Hulk with broader hips than shoulders just doesn’t look quite right. Maybe they could have done something like with Samukai in LEGO Ninjago. On the upside, the minifigure does have two facial expressions.