Last August, as the blog and my Quest for Lion Knights’ castle had matured somewhat, I discussed my next project in a blog entry called So, what’s next? After that, I have followed up on that thinking in One year in and Why do adults build LEGO? One overriding theme has been the project nature of my quests – since I have absolutely no idea where my AFOL hobby is headed, I have decided to take things project by project. As my second quest, the Quest for Inter-City train, and various other bits and bobs I’ve been working on is expected to be completed over the next week or so, I have began to again ponder what’s next.

What is clear to me, though, is that a break is in the cards. I have a growing sense of accomplishment as far as an AFOL initiation goes – and for example as I read Brick City, that covers similar things, satisfaction that I’ve researched and experienced (and reported) the basics of this hobby quite comprehensively. I am no longer in the dark. But with that sense of accomplishment and satisfaction also comes different requirements for the future. I have both practical needs – I need to have a better place, a better logistical system to build if I’m going to get anywhere beyond this level – and emotional needs as sheer curiosity and nostalgia can’t be the only driving factors. Obviously the next steps of this hobby would require meeting different needs than has been the case until now.

But beyond questions of motivations, breaks and logistics, what could that future direction be? I will get back to this topic later on, but for now here is a list of things that have somehow stuck as potential future projects and directions, ranging from trivial build ideas to broader plans: Minifigure dismantling techniques and other LEGO building/parts research; new building quests such as 1960s Town Plan or FABULAND; Power Functions additions to projects, like a powered portcullis to the 6080 King’s Castle or LEGO Mindstorms EV3 and computerized LEGO robotics; architecture builds in the vein of the Brick City book or MOCcing in general; a more generalist or modern LEGO focus, collecting/blogging about a particular current LEGO theme or themes. At the time of writing I don’t know which of these ideas are even appealing to me, let alone realistic.

I know LEGO nostalgia still appeals to me and the quests I’ve done have been fulfilling, but it may be a game of diminishing returns to keep on doing it at the level I have done (quick, less analytical afternoon builds of old sets are another thing of course). Naturally, LEGO history in itself could be an interesting topic too. LEGO building techniques and research related to them is an interesting idea, but probably best suited to happen as part of some other LEGO interest, not in and of itself. MOCcing and electronics are interesting of course, although what direction those might take is a question mark for me. Then there is the whole media/community aspect of participating in the modern LEGO circus. Say, start collecting and participating in LEGO Chima or whatnot. I find Chima an unrealistic example, but certainly enjoying modern LEGO can be appealing to an adult too.

Now is a great time to really let all these experiences – as they are completed over the coming days – soak in. I won’t be rushing into anything new until I have completed what I have in the works now, until I have the proper time and place for future building and until I have some new direction and projects that seem like a meaningful next step. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, there is still a train to build and then some…