Over the past few years I have built quite a few LEGO sets both with my son as well as by myself related to my hobby and this blog. During this time I’ve come across various LEGO animal pieces and I have put them aside for a future photo opportunity. Here they are:

LEGO animals

Above (from left): 92586px1 Animal Dog Alsatian with Black Markings Pattern (2011-), 87621px1 Animal Pig with Eyes Pattern (2010-), 2547/2458 Animal Shark Body/Jaw (1989-), 40232 Animal Owl with Rounded Back (2001-), 6251 Animal Cat Crouching (1995-), 98382pb01 Sleepyhead’s Teddybear (2012-), x223 Animal Frog (2001-), 40234 Animal Rat (2001-).

LEGO spider and spider’s web in 70403 Dragon Mountain:

70403 Dragon Mountain

For history and a complete list of LEGO animals, see Brickipedia. Also on a related note, check out my earlier horse gallery (photo and link below) and LEGO space helmet gallery.

Horse portrait - Front

Above: LEGO Castle/Town horse generations from 1978-2012. See Horse portrait.