Alongside my own AFOL ambitions, I build with my son. One of the sets we recently completed was the 7291 Street Rebel motorcycle from the LEGO Creator 3 in 1 theme. I think these Creator sets are just great, we did the 6913 Blue Roadster last fall for example. Not only do they offer repeat-build value straight out of the box, with several designs to choose from, they have some of that old LEGO spirit that is sometimes lost in the modern wilderness of LEGO licenses and special pieces.

Another area where this set felt a little “classic” was the combination of studded and studless Technic pieces. There was controversy years ago when TLG abandoned their traditional studded pieces in LEGO Technic sets in favor of going all studless. Fortunately this trend has been somewhat reversed, which is evident on this LEGO Creator set as well. There is some good old fashioned, proper brick laying at the center of the vehicle(s) and the extremities are built using Technic pieces.

As an added bonus, at reasonable 196 pieces with plenty of traditional LEGO pieces, this is a quite a nice introduction to Technic building for younger children. The set is playable too. For example, the main design includes controllable steering, rubber band assisted rear suspension, adjustable rear fender and a folding kickstand. Good times.

7291 Street Rebel