40081 LEGOLAND Picture Frame Billund Edition is one of a series of LEGOLAND exclusive picture frame sets. The brick-built sets released this year (2013), seem to be identical aside from packaging and cardboard inserts. They mimic the park entrances and function as table standing photograph displays. The packaging of the picture frame and the entrance it replicates can be seen in the Accessories galore and Return to LEGOLAND images below:

Accessories galore

Return to LEGOLAND

At 122 pieces the set isn’t an exact replica of the entrance, but pretty close nevertheless. A detail some might find interesting is the minifigure camera accessory. There are also two Technic gears, although they are purely ornamental, connected only to pegs. All in all, a solid build and the sturdy cardboard sits in place nicely. Works.

40081 LEGOLAND Picture Frame