For background on this blog post, may I recommend reading the post Grey matter first.

To cut a long story short, in 2003 TLG shocked the brick-following world by changing various LEGO colors. In the previous story I photographed old light grey with new medium stone grey aka light bley in AFOL parlance. TLG also changed old dark grey to new dark stone grey/dark bley and old brown (officially known as Earth orange) to new reddish brown. While these are not the only new shades LEGO has added over the years, they are probably the most prominent cases of sheer color replacement – especially for castle builders.

Old LEGO colors vs. new colors

Above: I finally had a chance to photograph all six colors together, so feast your eyes on (from the left) old light grey, new medium stone grey, old dark grey, new dark stone grey, old brown and new reddish brown. (Note: You can click the image for a larger version.)