Legends of Chima is big, no question about it. It was also the “big” new feature at LEGOLAND Billund this summer, including a LEGO Studios 4D feature, Chima Shop between LEGO Shop and the Outlet store, and Chima Miniland next to the real Miniland.

Let’s be equally real about the Chima Miniland, though. It ain’t no real Miniland, more like a seasonal product display. It is in minifigure scale (not in Miniland scale), some of it looks like made up of actual sets and basically everything about it reeks a commercial.

On the upside, there is a nice tunnel and a dome kids can crawl into and peek out from. The “set” is also raised to a height that makes admiring it easier. All in all, it is at least worth a gallery. You know, for posterity – as we definitely won’t be seeing Chima Miniland there in a few years time.

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