LEGO Castle (2013) continued: After the Gold Getaway and Dragon Mountain, this is my third closer look at a set in the new LEGO Castle theme. 70400 Forest Ambush is the smallest set in the LEGO Castle launch line-up and unlike the two previous sets, which we got from LEGOLAND Billund, this one is freshly off the shelves in my native Finland – LEGO Castle started selling here in August.

70400 Forest Ambush

A small set at 90 pieces, Forest Ambush still packs a punch with no less than four minifigures. Indeed, I’m expecting this to be a bit of an army builder for some fans of LEGO. Curiously for castle LEGO, it also includes a dog (more familiar from LEGO City sets), so such armies can finally have a medieval K9 unit too…

Jury is still out on the Dragon Knights’ small helmets, the so called cheek protection helmets. (Who am I kidding, the jury is back and returned a verdict – guilty of first degree bad quality.) The one in this set fit better than the similar piece in Gold Getaway, but still the small helmet just doesn’t clutch as well as regular LEGO hats/helmets/hair, it has an odd stud hole with splits on the sides. Apparently this piece has been out since 2004, so I’m guessing it will stay this way. No surprise, the cheek protection helmets came out in the equally silly Knight’s Kingdom theme.

70400 Forest Ambush

Some have been dubbing the new LEGO Castle as the treasure or Gold Castle theme, because of the focus on treasures both in the theme branding and in the actual sets. TLG does seem to be withholding the actual gold coins and gold bars for the more expensive sets though, as neither Forest Ambush or Gold Getaway actually comes with either. Instead, just like Gold Getaway, Forest Ambush includes a treasure chest full of round, generic “gold” plates and three diamonds. This time at least there is a golden goblet included as well.

The beef of this set is the ambush tree, an okay use of flick fires and a nice tree that falls down on command. The tree uses a Technic peg that is pretty tight though, you can’t just flick it down, you have to bend it. I wish it were easier to just drop the tree down. The tree has nice details in the form of an apple and a leaved peg (from a LEGO carrot) holds some of the shrubs down.

Final verdict: If I’d have to choose between Gold Getaway and Forest Ambush, I think Gold Getaway is more interesting as a set (even when accounting for size and price) – Forest Ambush might be great for army building, though. An okay set, nothing spectacular.

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