Continuing with the new LEGO Castle (2013), it is time to check out 70403 Dragon Mountain aka the antagonist’s lair aka the bad guy’s castle. One of the first castle LEGO sets I built after my dark ages was the LEGO Kingdoms 7187 Escape from the Dragon’s Prison, which I build with my son some time in late 2011 (a few months before I started this blog) – clearly the Dragon Mountain is very much reminiscent of that set. This time again it’s “the dragons”, it’s basically a prison, half of it is black, it’s just a wall, not a full castle… and “the lions” have an attack cart.

Dragon Mountain is significantly larger than previous generation Escape from the Dragon’s Prison, though. At 376 pieces vs. the 185 on the older set, we are talking literally twice the size. Minifigures have also increased from 4 to 5. Unlike Escape from the Dragon’s Prison, there is no horse in Dragon Mountain though, but there is the thousand pound elephant, er, dragon in the room, er, on the mountain. Most importantly, instead of the forgettable and totally generic minifigures of the Kingdoms set (a bane of Kingdoms overall), the new Dragon Mountain includes a proper villain (the Dragon Wizard) and an imprisoned princess in addition to the mandatory foot soldiers.

Once I get around to building this set, I will follow-up this post with a second part. In the meanwhile, feast your eyes on the rather nice box art.

Dragon Mountain I - Front

Dragon Mountain I - Back

Note: You can click the images for larger versions.