What can I re-use for the train? search of my old bricks continues. While I’m not sweating on building the exact oval track of the 7740 Inter-City Passenger Train, and I know I have hardly any 12V components in my old collection, I collected what I could find anyway. I will definitely want to run the train in the end, even if just for a few tracks’ worth…

Disappointingly, all the tracks I found so far were 7835 Road Crossing pieces and a surprising discovery of 7852 Left and Right Points Manual Grey 4.5V. My old 7710 Push-Along Passenger Steam Train rails are probably stashed somewhere else. Thanks to 7835 Road Crossing, there should also be a couple of 12V power inserts (7835 supported both 12V and push-along/4.5V).

Second disappointment came with the 7710 Push-Along Passenger Steam Train locomotive, which I found partially intact. I had hoped it, together with its wagons, would include six train buffer beams. Unfortunately – as Peeron knows – it only has four. Its fifth and sixth beams are built into the locomotive base, although the set had six actual train couplings.

What can I re-use for the train?

Above: My old partial 7710 Push-Along Passenger Steam Train locomotive.

Still, I located all the four beams and five of the couplings, so that’s a start!