Quest for Bricks has gone through all kinds of design changes over the past year or so, leaving some things to be cleaned up later. I am happy to report I have finally managed to check all of these boxes and can now focus more on LEGO blogging and less on blog maintenance.

Here are some of the things that have happened behind the scenes:

  • The move from to to had left a trail of obsoleted links within the content. While they have still worked, pointing to redirection pages, this has been hardly optimal and was always intended to be a temporary solution. I have now gone through all 110+ articles, their pingbacks and whatnot on Quest for Bricks and updated all the links and image references to the current – and permanent – address.
  • I have also updated all the known external links to (to the extent that is possible). The domain name, it is finally pointing to and can be used as an alternate address in reaching Quest for Bricks. I’m also satisfied that the old address will no longer be necessary, considering it has not been in active use for a year now – I have therefore shuttered the questforcastle address.
  • Starting from the Club Denmark post, I have striven to include consistent color management information in my photos. This shouldn’t matter to most of you, because the average monitor is already biased towards web viewing, but for those of you on wide-gamut monitors, you will appreciate the difference. (If some of the older posts cause you issues on wide-gamut monitors, may I recommend using Firefox in gfx.color_management.mode 1, which forces color management.)
  • Until now, all posts on Quest for Bricks have belonged to one category. Starting with BR LEGO Minifigure, I have decided to start posting select articles in two categories to help their re-discovery later on. As the most common example so far, some posts have definite relevance both as a place and as period LEGO – from now on, this will be reflected in the categorization. Another example are some generic LEGO Building posts, that are at the same time closely related to e.g. my Quest for Lion Knights’ castle. These have been updated to feature in both categories.
  • The various designs the blog has gone through have used image thumbnails of varying widths. I have gone through all the images within the blog content and made sure they comply with the new, slightly larger page design.
  • Blog has been moved from UTC time to UTC+2 to reflect its location. This was merely done to avoid recording odd posting times, it has no visible impact on the blog.
  • While fortunately few and far between, a couple of typos, spelling errors and expired links have also been found and corrected.
  • Added an “Older Posts” button to the front/home page as well and a few more visual tweaks.

Overall, looking at the evolution of the blog over the past year and I half, I am satisfied by not only the expansion, but the increased clarity as the updates have rolled in. What has at times been a bit of a colorful mess, is finally coming into its own as a LEGO blog – both design-wise and direction-wise. The foundation bricks have been laid. Let’s see where the content takes us…

Finally, a shameless plug: You can follow the blog via Twitter or Email – those links are here.