A little over one year ago I started this blog at questforcastle.wordpress.com, to document my Quest for Lion Knights’ castle. Last August I expanded the blog to other LEGO topics as well and added the questforbricks.com address as a new way to reach the blog. Today I’m completing the transformation by moving to questforbricks.wordpress.com, including a new blog design that better serves my casual posting frequency and style – for example, since not all my posts have pictures in them, the new layout accommodates those much better. Also, browsing the blog both by category and by month just got a whole lot easier.

So, to get here, use this address: questforbricks.wordpress.com

Over the coming days and weeks I will update all the links and features to the new addresses. I expect the questforbricks.com domain to eventually point at the new address too, but since that is not yet done, I recommend upgrading your bookmarks to questforbricks.wordpress.com. Also, those following the blog at WordPress.com, I recommend re-following the new address to get future updates. If you are following @questforbricks on Twitter, you needn’t change anything though, it will continue to work as usual.