LOFT the Scandinavian Bookazine volume 3/2012 features three spreads of LEGO, titled provocatively The LEGO comeback. Red Classic Space minifigures adorn the cover.

The story is about how LEGO lost their way in the 1990s, something I wondered about recently, proliferating too far and too wide in an effort to stay relevant in the computer age. The number of pieces doubling during the decade and the brand branching out to a lot of things outside the brick. End result: massive debts and near bankruptcy in 2004.

It is also a story of salvation, of LEGO returning to their roots and to that simple plastic brick we love. For example, to now have a new component approved for production, LEGO designers vote and only the most widely useful pieces get the green light. TLG is now profitable and growing again, with a massive 7.1% share of the global toy market.

The LOFT magazine is published only four times a year, so this third issue of 2012 may still be available at a newsstand near you. Worthy of checking out.