The holiday season is upon us again, at least your local shops want you to think so – and predictably, so are the latest LEGO Advent Calendars as well. This year there seems to be three themes: LEGO City, LEGO Star Wars and LEGO Friends. If I recall, my son has had one of these for the past three years or so, a couple of city and one castle themed one. Last year I also got a LEGO Star Wars calendar for myself, not wanting to miss out on the fun. It was also the first time I built LEGO by myself, as an AFOL, since childhood…

Last weekend there we were again, adoring the pile of LEGO Advent Calendars with my son at a local store. I must start by saying this is by far the best advent calendar concept I have ever seen. Such fun, high quality products and with all that replay value inherent to LEGO. The content is not something you just eat or throw away after Christmas, although toddlers under three might disagree, so beware. I asked my son if he’d like one this year as well, also offering him a choice of one of the other advent calendars on sale there instead. But the force is strong with this one, only LEGO would suffice.

Force aside, after considering the Star Wars one for a while, he went with the city theme. I decided to pick whatever was left for myself. I toyed with the Friends calendar in jest – it looked nice, but in the end played safe with the new Star Wars edition. Maybe next year. (Note: You can click the images for larger versions.)

Both are now waiting for December. Judging by the covers the LEGO City calendar seems to focus on (rather cool orange) firefighters, last year the theme was police. Each day you’ll get a small set or a minifigure to build. Again the calendar also contains a fold-out cardboard base, a frozen park like previous years, where you can place the sets as you build them. The LEGO Star Wars calendar seems to again split between microscale spaceships and minifigures – two of the latter promised to be holiday themed exclusives.

Spoiler alert: Considering last year was topped off by a Yoda dressed as Santa Claus, I’m expecting Darth Maul to do the same this time.