I’ve been shopping around for my quest for Inter-City train. In addition to the Pick a Brick order, I have been picking up some random LEGO sets with useful-looking bricks. Not to build them, just to enlarge my arsenal of bricks for this and any future tangents. One worth showing is the 5508 LEGO Deluxe Brick Box, sort of a LEGO starter kit with 704 pieces, 50 ideas and 9 instructions, aimed towards ages four years and up. Well, I’m over four.

Deluxe Brick Box comes in a sturdy plastic box, that can be opened and closed – useful for storage. (Despite its curvy looks, it can also be piled.) On top is a green 16×32 baseplate, like the one I scavenged for the Lion Knights’ castle way back when, although this time in bright green instead of green. Still, it was nice to see a classic baseplate, so many new LEGO sets seem to be based on regular plates.

Beneath, nine bags of bricks and an instruction booklet for nine smallish designs, which are pictured on the front cover of the set. Finally, there is the green brick separator – in this case the new brick separator in green instead of the usual orange. Older versions of this set included the old green brick separator, which is still incorrectly pictured on the box.

Note: You can click the images for larger versions.