As of August 15th, I am happy to announce the expansion of my blog: Quest for Lion Knights’ castle is now Quest for Bricks, available at What started on March 10, 2012 as a report on my (still on-going) project to build the Lion Knights’ castle is now getting a new lease of life as an AFOL blog.

I am not planning any major revolutions to the structure of the blog, I think I have found my groove and will continue with it this fall. Feedback is welcome, of course. I expect to revolve around specific building “quests”, like the Quest for Lion Knights’ castle, as well as continue reporting on the rediscovery of LEGO as an adult fan coming out of the dark ages.

I will not try to do or be all things LEGO, but concentrate on my own experiences as they happen. However, I will definitely be adding other themes to the current coverage of castle LEGO, as the journey reveals itself. My update schedule will continue to be sporadic, with frequent updates where possible and long pauses where necessary.

If you wish to receive update notifications via email, click the Follow link in the bottom right corner of your browser, or alternatively at the bottom end of the right bar.

Above: The logo is inspired by the brick fountains at LEGOLAND Billund.

So, welcome to my Quest for Bricks. Let’s see where it takes us…

P.S. The old address will continue to work as well.