Time to get back to LEGOLAND Billund (see my previous stories on the theme park and its Miniland). This time with a little precursor to the real beef of the park: The Shop. Before I cover the allegedly largest LEGO Shop in the world, let’s take a quick look at its “B side” so to speak, the LEGOLAND Outlet store a few doors down from the main shop.

Now, this is not like the actual LEGO Shop, this is a more warehouse-like experience where products over their due dates are offloaded for up to half the price. Mostly it was apparel and accessories, such as children’s clothing and non-brick toys from various aging/past LEGO themes. Storage containers, toy weapons and armor, T-shirts, that kind of stuff.

I got the distinct feeling that actual LEGO sets are not as easily transferred to the Outlet, since the main LEGO Shop had older sets on sale too, and the Outlet less so. One exception were seasonal products, of which many small Christmas and Easter sets were on sale at the Outlet. There were also a few larger batches of discontinued general sets on sale.

LEGOLAND Outlet isn’t all that much bigger than the pictures show, but definitely worth a peek while you’re visiting the theme park – you never know, maybe you’ll make a find. Just like the main LEGO Shop, the Outlet can only be accessed by purchasing an entry ticket to the park. (Note: You can click the images for larger versions.)