Let’s talk housekeeping a little. Ever since I started this blog, I was planning it to be both about building the Lion Knights’ castle and about becoming an adult fan of LEGO (AFOL), but mostly about building the castle. As often happens with these things, they start to evolve and get a life of their own. Indeed, I have written as much about other LEGO topics as I have about my project to build the 6080 King’s Castle. So, to reflect and accommodate this reality, I recently organized the blog into three categories for easier browsing.

  • Quest for Lion Knights’ castle is my main project, to build the classic 1984 LEGO King’s Castle, using parts from other childhood sets and new brickquisitions.
  • Quest for Adult Fan of LEGO contains miscellaneous notes on getting to know LEGO again, including all sorts of AFOL resources and LEGO related experiences.
  • Quest for 1960s LEGO got started when I rediscovered some of my father’s old LEGO in my old brick collection. I felt this topic to be quite separate from my more modern endeavors, so it deserved a category of its own.

Obviously by following the front page (clicking the image on top takes you to the front page), you can read all these categories mixed as I publish new entries. That way you can continue to follow it all and ignore the categorization. Should the need arise, the categories are available to help you find particular stuff that you want.

The category links can be found way down the bar on the right. Also, the current category is mentioned and linked to at the end of each blog post.