It is time to round out the Japanese excursion with a two-part look at LEGO CUUSOO 21101 Hayabusa. As I wrote previously, CUUSOO is a Japanese LEGO partner that specializes in the production of community supported sets. MOC design contributions are submitted, viewed and voted online, and the most popular ones may get green-lighted for manufacturing by the LEGO Group. Third such set, the 21102 Minecraft Micro World, just entered global distribution.

The first two LEGO CUUSOO sets were only released in Japan and featured Japanese vessels. During my recent stay there I visited a few toy stores to see if these local CUUSOO models were available. I’m guessing the first one was already sold out, but the Hayabusa – translating to Peregrine Falcon, modeled after the Japanese near-Earth-asteroid-hunting spacecraft – was pretty easy to come by. I picked one up too, although I am yet to build it. Here is what the packaging looks like.

Note: You can click the images for larger versions.

At 369 pieces, the 21101 Hayabusa is actually a fairly weighty set. (In comparison, the 6080 King’s Castle stands at 674 pieces when complete.) I will return to this topic with a second part once I have built the spacecraft.