Ever since I put some bricks on plate a month ago, I have been looking forward to getting the missing 16×22 baseplates that would allow me to start building the foundations of the 6080 King’s Castle. I am happy to report that they finally arrived this week and in good working order too. Some dirt on the plates, but good condition otherwise. I bought several extra LEGO Castle parts as well. My first order via BrickLink wasn’t completely without shipping related glitches at the sellers end, but all that ends well – well, ends well. Despite the delays, the overall first experience of exploring and participating in the BrickLink community was a positive one. I look forward to future purchases.

Tuesday marked the passing of first month since I started my Quest for Lion Knights’ castle. To recap the progress: I have now acquired the baseplates and found a lot of old parts, as well as completed the portcullis and some of the minifigures. I have also ordered new bricks and explored my father’s old LEGO. Next I am going to try and complete additional minifigures through surgery as well as washing more LEGO and building the castle as far as my existing parts allow. It will be interesting to see how far I can get blindly. Perhaps I will hit a (lack of) wall immediately, as my brick management strategy is still non-existent.