On Eurobricks.com I stumbled onto a post by The_Cook. First of a series, it was labelled Out of the dark – prelude to a retro MOC project. In the series The_Cook features his custom 1980s style LEGO Castle designs, from a beautiful Maidens Tower to the latest build, The Guildhall. These designs deserve honorable mentions in their own right, they recapture wonderfully the feel of the original grey castle series. What really got to me though, was the narrative The_Cook offers in his postings. He seems to be going through a similar awakening as my own, coming out of the dark ages. Here is one passage from his messages that really reflects my feelings as well:

“Coming out of a dark age is a strange sensation. My memories, my thoughts about building castles are still stuck in the late 80’s, but the world has moved on. Bley is new grey, there are BRUPs and LURPs and entire empires of Knights that I don’t even recognise have risen and fallen with the passage of time.”

I hear you! To help me reacquaint myself with LEGO building, and to pass the time as I wait to acquire bricks, I too have my own project threads on Eurobricks.com and Classic-Castle.com. Thank you for all the warm welcomes and the feedback.